COVID-19: Break the Wave with Predictive Surveillance & Decision Support

COVID-19 disrupted modern society on a scale that most people have never witnessed. What can we do to manage this pandemic and best prepare for the next crisis?

Listen to this on-demand webinar where Premier experts share a showcase of Predictive Surveillance and Decision Support technology. Short on time? Go directly to the topic most relevant to you:

  • Analytics and Real-time Surveillance - 00:00
  • Early warning of patient deterioration via predictive analytics - 10:55
  • Detecting new cases using machine learning and natural language processing -12:49
  • Predict surge and forecast necessary supplies, staffing and beds 7-14 days in advance - 21:45
  • Clinical decision support to treat patients at point of care - 32:20
  • Gaining real world evidence using research and statistical insights - 34:49
  • Rapidly deploying best practices - 37:05

Ryan Nellis

Chief Commercial Operations Officer, Premier

Robin Carver, RN, MSN, CIC
Vice President Member Engagement, Premier


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